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As a music lover do you ever miss putting on a record or do you ever wish to own the records of your favourite albums? If it’s a YES!, Fujiyama Records is your place. 

Fujiyama Records is a vintage concept store with a premium selection of vinyl records and fashion that caters to all vintage enthusiasts. Fortunately for all retro lovers, they opened a branch on Jalan Sultan Idris Shah in March 2022.        

Records & Apparels

Fujiyama Records has vinyl records and CDs of all genres with rows and rows of records to choose from. Be it your old blues to punk rock and even modern-day French pop they have it all.

 You can also find music from famous iconic bands like Beatles, The Carpenters, Linkin Park and Aerosmith to small-time underground bands and artists. 

The record price varies from RM 30 to RM 120 per record, which is substantially lower than current record prices.

Not only that, and on the first floor, they have a premium thrift store which will appeal to fashionistas who want to reduce waste and pollution while enjoying vintage designer items from Japan.

You can find jackets from designer brands that you have been wanting like Ben Davis and Sukajan original apparel at an affordable price. 

They also have a wide collection of vintage shoes from old-school Vans, Adidas, and even preppy shoes like Dr. Martens and Morellis. Stylish shirts, t-shirts, pants, caps, hats, and scarves are other items to look forward to when you drop by Fujiyama Records. As for myself, I wanted to grab everything on the shelves! 


Ambience & Customer Service

Fujiyama Records’ environment is also one of its kind with tasteful music playing in the background, it is not simply a store to shop and leave but a place you can hang out with friends while enjoying its chill and contemporary interior. 

Not to mention that their personnel is extremely courteous and knowledgable about the music industry, with almost all of them having musical backgrounds. Even if you’re new to the vintage music scene, the passionate and friendly personnel will assist and address any of your queries.


Final Verdict

Fujiyama Records is one of the stores that customers would often revisit whether it is just for a little hangout or to get more records to add to their collection. My Ipoh assures you that you’ll have only the best experience at Fujiyama Records. 

Address: 150, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Business Hours: 12 pm to 9 pm every day

Website: https://fujiyamajpn.com/fujiyama-records/

Tel: 05-241 1596

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