From Old to Gold: Pasir Pinji’s Market Makeover


YB Tuan Nga Kor Ming inaugurated the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pasir Pinji Temporary Market Construction Project in Ipoh. The project, funded with RM1.54 million, commenced on September 5, 2023, with RM1 million from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing and an additional RM540,000 shared by the Ipoh City Council. The temporary market is expected to be completed by February 19, 2024, after six months of construction, with the relocation of traders scheduled for March 2024.

The redevelopment of the Pasir Pinji Market is underway, with consultant appointments expected by early November 2023. The successful consultant will design the new market in three months, followed by the tender process for the reconstruction starting in February 2024. The construction of the new market is scheduled to begin in April 2024, lasting 24 months and concluding in March 2026.

The existing Pasir Pinji Market, over 50 years old, houses 178 traders. The redevelopment aims to improve facilities, public services, and provide a more comfortable environment for both traders and visitors. The new market will offer 187 business lots, prioritizing existing license holders and allowing new applications. Adequate parking spaces will also alleviate traffic congestion around the market area.

YB KM highlighted that the Pasir Pinji Market redevelopment contributes to local socio-economic improvement, emphasizing the importance of small traders in enhancing both local and national economies. The Ministry of Local Government and Housing, through the Local Government Department, will collaborate with local authorities nationwide to enhance development plans for the welfare of the people. The commitment to improving service quality ensures that the benefits align with the government’s goal of MADANI, fostering the well-being of the Malaysian society.

Source: Kementerian Pembangunan Kerajaan Tempatan

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