Former TV3 Personality Zalina Azman, Is Still Missing


Zalina Azman, a former TV3 personality who has been missing for the past eight months, is believed to still be in the country. The  former television newscaster who went missing in November 2021, hasn’t been located despite extensive search attempts.

Zalina’s son, Mikhael Norman, 33, filed a missing persons report over her disappearance on Nov 29, 2021.  On Nov. 24, 2021, Mikhael attempted to get in touch with Zalina to let her know that his grandfather had been admitted to the hospital. When he did, she was unreachable and Mikhael discovered her missing.

Mikhael and his uncle visited her residence in Section 3 of Shah Alam on November 29 and discovered that her car was still there, He stated that an inspection of the house, where Zalina was assumed to be living alone, revealed that it was in a state of disarray while she was absent. “Also discovered in the residence was Zalina’s handbag, which held her MyKad, driving licence, bank and credit cards, car keys, and RM600 in cash,” he said.

He added that the police had posted on social media asking for help in finding Zalina and provided a description of the former TV host, who was best known for hosting TV3’s Money Matters. He added police made a public notice to help find the 158-cm-tall, 60-kg woman.

Anybody with information regarding the location of television newscaster Zalina Shaharah Azman is urged to call the police right away or get in touch with the investigating officer Sarjan Sabturia Lorong at the Section 6 Shah Alam police station at 03-5519 4622.

Image Source: THe Star

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