FBS and SUKA Society Support English Language Learning for Indigenous Kids in Perak


FBS, a leading global broker, partnered with SUKA Society to organize the English Children Camp and enrich the lives of indigenous children in the Perak State of Malaysia. Guided by its commitment to creating positive change in communities, FBS sponsored English Children Camp syllabus and contributed to the foundation of early learning in the region.

The FBS-sponsored English Children Camp, held at the beginning of March 2024 in Tapah and facilitated by SUKA Society, brought together approximately 80 children living in remote villages of Batang Padang District. Over the two-day program, the young learners practiced their English language skills and engaged in educational entertainment activities designed to make learning both enjoyable and effective. Alongside the lessons, every child received packages from FBS with essential studying items, such as notebooks, pens, and reusable water bottles.

Yi Ting, Resource Coordinator at SUKA Society, extended gratitude for the partnership, highlighting the impact of FBS’s support. “We are truly grateful for the partnership with FBS. FBS played a crucial role in the success of our recent Project Warisan English Camp. With the support given, we were able to go the extra mile by providing all the necessary materials for the children that enhanced the overall educational experience for the children. We were also able to organize an English class for the parents, as requested by the community. The parents expressed deep gratitude for this opportunity, as many had previously lacked access to education. The chance for both children and parents to learn English in a fun and engaging way not only sparks their enthusiasm for education but also opens up more opportunities for a brighter future. We look forward to journeying with FBS to create a more lasting impact and foster positive change within the communities we are privileged to serve.”

Aizzat Arfa, FBS’s Official Representative in Malaysia, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “At FBS, we believe in the transformative power of knowledge and are eager to contribute to making education more accessible for the communities in need. The English Children Camp is our second collaborative project with SUKA Society under the Empowered2Teach initiative in Peninsular Malaysia. It is not only about language learning but about providing tools and opportunities for children and parents to learn and grow. We hope days spent at the English camp will inspire kids to continue their educational journey.”

Working together, FBS and SUKA Society aim to pave the way for a brighter and more promising future for the young minds of Malaysia.

For more information about FBS and its CSR initiatives, please visit www.ms-brokerfbs.com.

Source:FBS Press Office

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