dUCk’s Kopitiam-Inspired Scarves Unveiled


Whether it is roti kahwin with kopi cham, or half-boiled egg with kopi peng, Malaysia’s very own coffee (and tea) culture is as vibrant as its multicultural society.

For decades, kopitiam, the country’s staple breakfast hangout, has been dishing an array of delightful dishes on marble tables as guests sit on wooden chairs, greeting  neighbours and friends as the day starts.

The air wafts with the smell of freshly toasted bread. The sound metal spoons make as they hit cups can be heard as drinks are prepared. The atmosphere? Noisy, cheerful, and typically Malaysian.

To celebrate the 66th National Day, local modest lifestyle brand dUCk pays homage to the kopitiam culture and the pivotal role this popular dining space, found all over the country, plays to unite Malaysians.

The dUCk Group co-founder Vivy Yusof says The Malaysia dUCk is a very special collection for the brand.

“As a tribute to our beloved nation, we have celebrated many things over the years. From kuih-inspired designs to flowers inspired by the women in P Ramlee’s movies to the iconic drawing by the country’s most prominent cartoonist, Datuk Lat, dUCk has traversed roads and paths to find something uniquely Malaysian,” she says.

“This year, we want to embrace the simplicity, familiarity and warmth of the local kopitiam, where friendships are made and a sense of community is nurtured,”

“This collection reminds me of our KL dUCk collection, one of our very first collections that brought dUCk to where it is now. This collection also puts a spotlight on Ipoh, where we have a cafe takeover, so we hope customers will join us in this journey of feeling a sense of belonging in our beloved country, Malaysia.”

Inspired by the iconic cup
Stroke by stroke, and hand drawn line by line, the design is inspired by the art on Malaysia’s very distinct kopitiam cup. Meticulous and delicate, it took 660 hours to complete.

It employs the pointillism art technique, one that uses dots of paint to form images on canvas. It also uses etching, where an image is etched or carved onto a metal plate Both these techniques are similar with what we find on kopitiam cups, artwork on bank notes and stamps from the days of the Federation of Malaya.

Classic and stylish, The Malaysia dUCk scarves and shawls — in satin silk — come in six shades, a mixture of bold and pastel hues. Each one features a rich tapestry ofMalaysia’s historical and iconic symbols, including the Sultan Abdul Samad building, the traditional game congkak, kampung house on stilts, and coconut and banana trees, all intricately arranged.

Each design is named after an iconic Malaysian kopitiam drink. From White Coffee, Teh Tarik and Barley to Neslo, Kopi O and Cham, these classic beverages evoke memories that the designs resonate with.

With a hanging dUCk charm so wearers can personalise their hijab style, The Malaysia dUCk scarves are designed to be elegant and timeless. The pieces are suitable to be worn, framed, or even kept as personal heirlooms.

To make the collection even more special, dUCk is also releasing placemats and cushion covers in The Malaysia dUCk design, in one shade — green on off white — the same colour scheme as the kopitiam cup from which the design is inspired.

The Malaysia dUCk placemat (RM30 for a set of two) is made of polyviscose while the cushion cover (RM40 for a set of two) is made of satin silk material. 

dUCk takes over Pekan Lama Cafe
In conjunction with the launch and to give customers a chance to fully immerse themselves in both the kopitiam culture and The Malaysia dUCk collection, dUCk will be taking over Ipoh’s Pekan Lama Café, from 19 Aug to 17 Sept 2023.

For a limited time, there will be a special dUCk menu featuring, among others, dUCk Teh Tarik, Roti Bakar, Bahulu Sundae and Lempeng Nyok that will bring customers back down memory lane. During the takeover, the café will also be decorated with The Malaysia dUCk collection.

“duck has done KL, recently Singapore and now the next cafe takeover is in Ipoh. We invite everyone to travel to Ipoh and join our café takeover, and as they savour these Malaysian dishes and see our latest collection, we want them to be reminded of the beauty of our culture and how far unity, respect and understanding one another have taken us,” Vivy says.

“Every year, The Malaysia dUCk collection carries the same philosophy — the pride and uniqueness of being Malaysian. We hope this collection will make dUCkies fall in love with the country all over again.”

Priced at RM350 each with only limited quantities produced, The Malaysia dUCk collection will be available from 19 Aug 2023 at Pekan Lama Cafe, Ipoh, and from 21 Aug 2023 at 10pm at and dUCk app. The collection will be at all 9 dUCk stores across Malaysia and Singapore from 22 Aug 2023 at 10am. The stores also have whatsapp shopping with immediate delivery upon payment.

Business Address: 93, Jln Sultan Yussof, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

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