DMBI Assessment Tax App Simplifies Payments


Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Rumaizi bin Baharin@Md Daud launched the DMBI (Assessment Tax Module) MBI application, attended by various officials. The event aimed to inform residents about electronic services provided by the Ipoh City Council, promoting digital lifestyles and a greener future. The DMBI app, developed in January 2023, offers an eco-friendly method for users to access, check, and pay assessment tax bills with one click.

From July-December 2023, physical bills are discontinued, and customers receive detailed explanations about the DMBI app and digital billing at payment counters. The app allows online payments via FPX and e-Wallet, with notifications for new bills. Future updates will include an installment payment module to ease the burden.

The app has significantly increased electronic revenue collection compared to conventional methods. In 2022-2023 (October), app transactions increased by 11%, and website transactions increased by 25.2%.

Calling upon media cooperation, Mayor Rumaizi highlighted the DMBI app’s success with 28,800 downloads. In the approaching year, residents are encouraged to utilize the DMBI app for their annual assessment tax payments, providing an opportunity to compete for prizes totaling RM 99,000. Early payers for 2024 will receive rebates, and engaging monthly lucky draws are scheduled for both November and December 2023.

The Mayor hopes MBI’s innovations will contribute to the city’s excellence and prosperity, aligning with the vision and mission towards a Smart City.

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