Deepavali goodies for DBI staff


Ipoh Mayor Dato Rumaizi Baharn handed Deepavali goodies to some 50 employees at the city council.

The contributions worth RM5,000 were presented to those celebrating the festival of lights.

Also present was Councillors, Abu Bakar Hussian, A. Ganesan, S. Jaya Ganesh, G. Thilak Raj and others heads of departments.

The event was among the first since the MCO was lifted.

Meanwhile, the council had allocated some RM3 million to held business and the underprivileged during the MCO.  Among the corporate supporters were Pasar Raya Econsave, Kinta Properties, Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK), Chang Jiang among others.

Syabas Ipoh city council for the thoughtful and meaningful effort.


Image Credit: MBI FB

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