Dazzling Timeless Beauties @ Royal Ipoh Club


In conjunction with Father’s day, the Royal Ipoh Club and Perak Classic Car Drivers organized a meet and greet session for its members, followed by a scrumptious breakfast at the club.

This event showcased mostly classic cars from various marques, and what caught our eye was a gorgeous 52 years old golden Mercedes Benz W108 which belongs to Mr. K.T. Pillay and an eye-catching Vintage Red Austin FX 4 belonging to Tuan Syed Azam. The Austin FX4 was the most widely used taxi in London and was manufactured during the 1950s. Another interesting car that we ogled was Japan’s fully imported One-Seater car from Akash Classics Malaysia.

The gathering of these classic automobiles was a spectacular sight for those with a soft spot for the oldies, and it was an enjoyable day for the club members as they were able to mingle around with the owner of the classic cars, many of them used this opportunity to exchange notes on maintaining and restoration of these timeless beauties.

This event was a visual treat for the My Ipoh Team and we are excited to show them to you!

A little info about Perak Classic Drivers

Perak Classic Drivers was founded on 1st September 2018 and the objective of this group is to bring together people who share a common interest to discuss ideas, assist members with automotive difficulties, and even guide them through the legal process of applying for road tax reduction for classic/vintage cars from JPJ.

According to Mr. K.T. Pillay, the group has been an all-boys club, and he welcomes ladies who share the same enthusiasm for classic/vintage cars to join them. New members are always welcomed as they are looking forward for passionate classic car lovers joining them.

The group has been actively organising a variety of events for classic car enthusiasts. They actively host six to ten events a year and one of them is a convoy drive to Sungai Besar, Selangor. During Hari Malaysia, Perak Classic Drivers, and Ipoh City Council will be organizing a two day event showcasing their cars. This event is open to the public, so save the date and see you there!

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