Dare to Dream, Dare to be Great! FREE Admission to Thiru V.K. Kalyanasundram’s Story


Embark on an inspirational journey through the life of Thiru V.K. Kalyanasundram Chettiar, a business icon of Perak. This FREE screening invites you to witness the extraordinary story of a man who thrived in the diverse landscape of our beloved motherland, Malaysia.

Discover how Malaysia, with its open arms, provided opportunities to individuals regardless of race, religion, or culture. Thiru V.K. Kalyanasundram Chettiar’s biography encapsulates the spirit of unity that defines our nation.

This biographical masterpiece is more than just a film—it’s a call to the young, aspiring entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Unleash your potential, be inspired, and dare to be great.

Save the Date:

Admission: FREE!

Date: Saturday, November 25, 2023

Movie Time: 9:30 AM

Venue: LFS Seri Kinta

Don’t miss out on this chance to witness a story that will resonate with every Malaysian. Be there to celebrate the life and legacy of Thiru V.K. Kalyanasundram Chettiar.

Tag your friends and Family!. Let’s come together to celebrate the remarkable journey of a true Malaysian.

Source:Madam Kala Balasubramaniam

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