Cosplay Party@Ipoh Parade


Would you believe me if I said I met Harley Quinn, Naruto Shippuden and even Kitsune during the weekend?

Well, they were all there for one of the largest gatherings for cosplayers held at Ipoh Parade for the last two days. This event was held after a three year break due to the pandemic, and from what we saw all the cosplayers were out in full force, dressed up in amazingly creative costumes, paying homage to their favourite characters, and having fun. We were left speechless when we saw how intricate some of their costumes were, and the effort put into their hairdos and makeup.

As soon as you enter the ground floor of Ipoh Parade, you will be in awe of the myriads of cosplayers, ranging from anime to superhero characters walking around, greeting and posing for pictures for their adoring fans. Also seen were some cosplayers acting out various scenes and skits to the amusement of the audience. All the cosplayers were very happy to talk about their look, and how much time & effort was put to achieve them.

There were also Doujin booths selling merchandise, accessories, artworks, and even Genshin Impact Gacha cookies!

There is even a Cosplay contest where 3 famous cosplayer Hayate, Yukikawa and Micho are the judges.

We wish to thank Ipoh Parade for providing a platform for the community to express their creativity. My Ipoh team had a good time, we believe indeed this event was a visual treat for all and we are excited to show them to you!

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