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Namaste Yoga Shala had their first free trial session from the 16th to 20th May in conjunction with their grand opening. My Ipoh team was invited to join their free trial class and the experience was a breath of fresh air as the exercises were something all of us were able to do despite being older adults.

What makes Namaste Yoga Shala different from other yoga centres?
Here is why My Ipoh team thinks Namaste Yoga Shala stands out!

Namaste Yoga Shala primarily specialises in low-impact yoga exercises so the elderly too will be available to enjoy the art and benefits of yoga as the gentle poses and stretching is beneficial for pain relief and body re-alignment,. Their primary goal is to give a chance to individuals with a low rate of mobility to participate in yoga which centres on proper alignment, breathing techniques and mindfulness.

Benefits of Yoga to Senior citizens:

o Strengthened bones. Yoga for seniors can help prevent the onset of osteoporosis, which causes bones to become brittle or weak.

o Reduced stress. Yoga offers a relaxing way to let go of the tension you’re holding in your body, especially in your shoulders and upper back. Yoga also helps reduce anxiety, lowering your heart rate, and blood pressure, and helping you breathe easier.

o Alleviate aches and pains. Even if you have some physical limitations, yoga can help ease the aches and pains associated with ageing. Yoga can be especially beneficial to those suffering from osteoarthritis, teaching you how to breathe and relax through any chronic pain you may be dealing with.

o Enhanced balance, flexibility, mobility and strength. The slow, measured movements involved with yoga poses can lead to better balance and movement, which can also help prevent falls. As falls are the leading causes of injury among seniors.

Miss Sofee the founder of Yoga Shala is well-versed, experienced and has professionally practised yoga for about a decade now in the techniques most beneficial to seniors.

Namaste Yoga Shala offers spacious, clean and well-ventilated modern classes. My Ipoh team felt that Ms. Sofee’s instructions were very clear and straight to the point, she even gave alternative suggestions on poses so that we don’t over work ourself. There were aids like foam blocks that helps you to stabilize and improve your poses. In between poses Ms. Sofee went around adjusting our poses and always stressed that we should be confortable without pain. I was impressed by how simple the poses were but it did work up a sweat and by the time we done with the classes, all of us were sweating but energized.

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