Chinese New Year Celebration Rocks Ipoh’s Amphitheatre


3,000 residents of Ipoh flooded the Amphitheatre, Laman Sejahtera, Taman DR Seenivasagam to witness the inaugural Musical Concert held in conjunction with the 2024 Chinese New Year Celebration last night. The event was inaugurated by YB Tuan Nga Kor Ming, Minister of Housing and Local Government, and attended by various dignitaries including YB Tuan Loh Sze Yee, Chairman of the Tourism, Industry, Investment and Development Corridor Committee of the Perak State, Dato’ Rumaizi bin Baharin@Md Daud, Mayor of Ipoh, and other council members.

Activities included dragon and lion dance performances, dramas, traditional dances, Chinese song performances, orchestral performances, fireworks displays, and food and beverage sales from food trucks. Earlier, Minister Nga Kor Ming also inaugurated the lighting, boat activities, and fish release at Taman DR Seenivasagam Lake.

The Amphitheatre, completed on March 1, 2023, adjacent to the artificial lake, serves as an open-air stage accommodating up to 800 spectators. It aims to promote arts and entertainment, aligning with Ipoh’s recognition as a Music City by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture allocated RM250,000 for lighting upgrades around the Amphitheatre.

Additionally, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, through the National Landscape Department, will provide RM500,000 for further upgrades, while the Ipoh City Council committed an additional RM250,000, totaling RM750,000 for landscaping and lighting enhancements. Furthermore, RM500,000 was allocated for Phase 2 upgrades to the Gerbang Malam.

The Amphitheatre serves as a new platform for arts enthusiasts in Ipoh, fostering events like this musical program.

Image credit: Nizam & MBI FB

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