Bringing back the glory days of the iconic Taiping Rest House


The 1969 Group of Hotels, Headlines International and the Taiping Municipal Council have embarked on a journey to breathe new life into the 130-years-old Taiping Rest House.

On hand to perform the ground breaking ceremony was Local Government Development Minister, YB Nga Kor Ming, Transport Minister, YB Anthony Loke, YB Wong Kah Woh, YBRS Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir, YB Teh Kok Lim, YB Ong Seng Guan among others.

The momentous occasion to bring back the glory days of the new 1969 Heritage Rest House Restoration is also timely to promote tourism to the Taiping.

“We pay homage to a legacy that spans 130 years—the Taiping Rest House, the first of its kind in Malaysia.

“In preserving this iconic landmark Headlines International and 1969 Group of Hotels together with the Taiping Municipal Council, will embark on a journey not only to restore bricks and mortar but to safeguard the very essence of Taiping’s rich cultural heritage” Ian Chua, CEO of 1969 Group of Hotels.

“The 1969 Heritage Rest House stands as a living testament to our shared history, a beacon of nostalgia that whispers tales of bygone eras.

“Its significance goes beyond its architectural grandeur; it embodies the spirit of resilience, endurance, and the timeless beauty of our heritage.

“As we embark on this noble endeavor of restoration, we recognize the weight of our responsibility. We are not mere caretakers of a building; we are guardians of a legacy—a legacy that must be preserved and passed on to future generations”. added Chua.

The VIP guests later performed the ground breaking ceremony to mark the launch of the restoration project.

It is believed that initially the wooden single-storey building, built as the residence of the British Governor of the Straits Settlements in 1879. In 1894, it was upgraded to a double-storey stone building with “Rest House 1894” inscribed on the pediment.

Therefore, It is credited as the first Rest House in the Malay States.

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