Boganvilaa: A Decade of Culinary Excellence


Since its establishment in 2009, Boganvilaa Food Catering Services has been synonymous with culinary mastery and unforgettable dining experiences. What began as a modest initiative led by Mr. Kogilan and Ms. Deva, former colleagues at Syuen Hotel, has evolved into a thriving catering enterprise deeply embedded in the local community.

The journey of Boganvilaa began with a passion for food and a commitment to exceptional service. Mr. Kogilan and Ms. Deva’s expertise in managing small events quickly garnered them a reputation for delectable dishes and impeccable hospitality.

In 2016, Boganvilaa Food Catering Services took a significant leap forward by relocating to its current address on Jalan Hassan. This move not only provided a larger space but also ignited a fresh wave of inspiration, leading to the expansion of their team. 

Despite the recent challenges posed by the global pandemic, Mr. Kogilan and Ms. Deva’s unwavering dedication to their craft remained steadfast. They continued to serve their clients with unmatched passion and resilience, reinforcing their commitment to delivering extraordinary dining experiences.

Boganvilaa Food Catering Services offers a range of culinary solutions tailored to various occasions:

  1. Weddings/Receptions: Elevate your special day with Boganvilaa’s exclusive live counter catering service, where skilled chefs craft delectable dishes on the spot, adding excitement and freshness to every bite.

  2. Corporate Gatherings: Impress your colleagues and clients with Boganvilaa’s professional catering service, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all.

  3. Family Celebrations: Make your family gatherings truly special with personalized catering solutions from Boganvilaa, tailored to suit your unique preferences and requirements.

In addition to event catering, Boganvilaa Food Catering Services provides convenient meal options:

  • Tiffin Carrier Service: Enjoy delicious lunches delivered to your doorstep with Boganvilaa’s thoughtfully designed tiffin carrier service, providing convenience and culinary delight on a monthly basis.
  • Packed Foods: Experience the convenience of ready-to-enjoy meals without compromising on taste with Boganvilaa’s meticulously crafted packed foods catering service, ideal for events, gatherings, or food donations.

Celebrate more than a decade of culinary expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication with Boganvilaa Food Catering Services. Contact them today to be a part of your next unforgettable dining experience.

Contact Details: 

Boganvilaa Food Catering

Address:  45, Jalan Hassan, Lim Garden, 30100 Ipoh, Perak.

Phone: 05-526 3111, 016-559 3111



Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 9am – 7pm

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