Big 3 Fun Run: Uniting Perak’s Titans of Law, Medicine and Engineering


History was made on the vibrant morning of October 15, 2023, when a grand total of 238 enthusiastic participants, comprised of lawyers, engineers, doctors, and their cherished friends and families, gathered at the picturesque EcoPark Botani 1. Their mission? To partake in the inaugural Big 3 Fun Run, an event that would herald the start of a promising partnership between three eminent professional bodies in Perak – the Perak Bar, IEM Perak, and MMA Perak.

The day commenced with an exuberant welcome from the dynamic emcees Ong Hui Xue and Sharfa. The atmosphere was electrified as they introduced the day’s events. An inspiring speech by Elaine Foong Sook Yen, the dynamic Chairperson of the Perak Bar’s Social Committee, set the tone for the day ahead.

Participants kicked things off with a high-octane combat workout, masterfully led by Mr. Khoo of Urbax Fitness. This invigorating session not only got hearts pumping but also established the spirit of camaraderie and physical well-being that would characterize the day.

The highlight of the event was the exhilarating run, offering two distinct routes to cater to a diverse group of participants. The first was a challenging 8-kilometer course, thoughtfully guided by Mr. Ian Chua, the visionary CEO of 1969 Business Suites. The second route, a scenic 4-kilometer path, was gracefully led by Ms. Kamala Mahlini, the dynamic Chairwoman of Perak Bar. Each participant embraced their chosen route, combining elements of unity and friendly competition that left an indelible mark.

Upon completing their runs, participants were showered with medals and generously filled goodie bags, courtesy of the event’s generous sponsors. Notably, 1969 Business Suites offered refreshments, fueling the runners for their well-deserved post-run celebration.

The festivities reached their climax with a thrilling lucky draw, where participants had the opportunity to win exciting prizes such as a 42-inch TV and cash sponsorships totaling RM 1969, courtesy of 1969 Business Suites. The icing on the cake included one-year free membership coupons for Urbax Fitness and RM 300 vouchers for personal trainers, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

The overwhelming success of the Big 3 Fun Run was the result of collective dedication and teamwork. Special recognition goes to Ho Wai Kian from Taiko, who painstakingly mapped out the routes, and to the collaborative efforts of IEM Perak, led by Kho Kai Fei, MMA Perak, led by the venerable Dr. Suresh, and the Perak Bar Social Sub Committee, deftly directed by the indomitable Elaine Foong Sook Yen, with invaluable assistance from Ilavarasi and Abby Phang.

Beyond promoting physical fitness, this inaugural event succeeded in fostering friendships and collaboration among professionals from a wide array of fields. The unity achieved through the Big 3 Fun Run is a powerful testament to the Perak community’s strength, and it has undoubtedly laid the foundation for future joint initiatives between the Perak Bar, IEM Perak, and MMA Perak. The legacy of this remarkable day will undoubtedly inspire future endeavors that will continue to benefit the community and bring professionals from various sectors together in harmony and shared purpose.

Image credit:Ms.Elaine & Ms. Malar

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