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Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) is venturing into another community project with the opening of The PWW Baking Studio, an initiative that aims to empower women in the B40 group with baking skills for entrepreneurship or employment.

The PWW Baking Studio is located at the community hall of Flat Taman Harmoni Buntong. PPR Flat Taman Harmoni Buntong consists of 26 blocks, with a total of 400 families. PWW aims to focus on providing accessible training to the women here, not only with baking and cooking classes but entrepreneurship and basic accounting skills as well.

With the setting up of The PWW Baking Studio, women here will be able to have a platform to set up their home-based businesses, and sell their products. It is a place for women to gather to bond, to have time for themselves and share tips and recipes to enable them to provide nutritious food for their family.

Modules and programs have been scheduled for each batch of participants. They will be taught how to bake different types of buns, bread, pastries and jelly cakes. Trainers and professional chefs will be facilitating the classes.

PWW hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of women and their families here.

The PWW Baking Studio is a collaboration with the KRT of PPR Flat Taman Harmoni Buntong, Ipoh, and sponsored by PPB Group Berhad.

For more information, please drop us a mail at or send us a message at 011-65569715.

Source:PWW. Image credit: Rishiwan

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