Ayam Brand holds CSR project in Ipoh


Ayam Brand carried out its annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme in Ipoh to benefit underprivileged children in several homes here.

The project also supports 25 local children’s homes with two months of healthy meals, free eye health check and prescription spectacles for those who need

Among them were those from Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak kanak Yatim Rumah Visi (Vision Home), Pusat Jagaan Anak Anak Yatim Dan Miskin Nurul Iman, The Salvation Army Ipoh Children’s Home, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Pelangi Perak (Rainbow Children’s Home) and Pusat Jagaan Praise.

The project was dubbed “Add Health with Ayam Brand #AyamBersamaMu” workshop that was held at KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital.

The CSR project was to assist overcome malnutrition and eye problems related to dietary concerns.

To assist with these issues, Ayam Brand™, the 131-year old household name famed for its wide range of quality, preservative-free, no added MSG, healthy, and convenient canned food, is back with its annual Community Care Campaign 2023.

The programme will reach out to more than 1,000 children from 25 non-governmental organisations across seven states to provide a two-months supply or approximately 35, 028 healthy meals.

Going beyond the contribution of its products, Ayam Brand™ in collaboration with KPJ Healthcare Group will be running nutrition workshops to educate these children on healthier dietary choices following the 3S (Suku-suku Separuh) Malaysian Healthy Plate concept.

To address vision issues among these children Ayam Brand is working with Focus Point Group to provide free eye health screening, and prescription glasses to children who require it from these homes.

Each participating home products are high in protein, calcium, Omega-3 and fibre including Ayam Brand™ Tuna Mayonnaise, Ayam Brand™ Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce and Ayam Brand™ Soya Flakes Spread.

“The risk of double malnutrition, and myopia among Malaysian children requires action from all parties who can assist including organisations such as Ayam Brand. This is why we stepped up to help. Ideally all children should have good nutrition from birth. Ayam Brand™ has a long history of contributing our healthy and nutritious products to communities, and we are continuing in that commitment. However, we believe that while providing our products is an immediate solution, over the long term, educating children on making healthier food choices is the key. Our fish products are high in protein, calcium, Omega-3, DHA among other vitamins and minerals that children need for good health, including eye health,” says Ms Teoh Wei Ling, A. Clouet (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd’s Marketing Manager.

Teoh also adds that “the Ayam Brand Community Care campaign which is now in its 16th year has contributed more than 2.1 million healthy meals for charity, providing nutritious food to more than 27,293 people from 610 charity homes and NGOs”.

Children learned about making healthier dietary choices through an informative and engaging session with Nur Arafah Abdul Wahab, KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital’s dietitian on the Malaysian Healthy Plate, with an introduction to the importance of Omega-3 for their eye health. Next, each child put their new knowledge into practice by preparing themselves a healthy snack following the Suku-suku Separuh concept, guided by the KPJ and Ayam Brand team.

“Proper nutrition is important for children’s overall well-being, especially the consumption of protein for growth and development. One of those good protein sources is from fatty fish like tuna, saba, sardine, and mackerel, with good sources of Omega-3, which is vital for children’s brain development and eye health. Since our body cannot produce Omega-3 on its own, we need to obtain it from the foods we eat. One should consider to consume at least 2 servings of fatty fish weekly,” said Nur Arafah.

The children also participated in memory matching and ball toss games, which allowed them to practise their visual recall and hand-eye coordination as a way to reinforce what they had learned at the workshop. Members of the winning team each received a medal, while all participants received gift bags.

The team from Focus Point was onsite to provide eye health checks to all children. Those who require it will receive their prescription spectacles soon after. Representatives from the charity homes expressed their gratitude for Ayam Brand’s continued support, and for the transformative impact it will have on the lives of the children.

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