Annual Pass Fee for Bukit Kledang Hikers


Perak Menteri Besar Dato Seri Saarani Mohamad had stepped in the annual pass fee controversy for Bukit Kledang today.

He stated that the fee will be postponed until further notice.

This comes after a fierce backlash from members of the public and non- governmental organisations raising their concerns on the matter.

However, Saarani said that he could not permanently stop the imposition of the fees as it would need the collective decision of the state executive council.

The issue came to “loggerhead” when the Forestry Department stated that hikers and joggers has to pay for an annual pass of RM10 to RM200 for locals and RM400 to RM800 for non citizens and foreigners. There would also be a RM20 processing fee for all categories.

The new fee was supposed to be implemented next month.

Image Credit: The Star

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