A Local Coconut Wholesaler: KhanBhai Coconut Trading


Khanbhai Coconut Trading Sdn Bhd , a local family business mainly known for selling coconuts was newly established on 5th March 2021 and is still growing and expanding until today. A few types of coconuts sold by them are your usual coconuts along with pandan coconuts and old coconuts which are all freshly brought down from Teluk Intan.

MyIpoh team paid KhanBhai a visit and was extremely impressed by their friendly and convenient service that was given by the coconut vendors. Their coconuts ared reasonable prices at only RM 4.00 per coconut which is averagely cheaper than most coconut stalls around Ipoh. These coconut traders not only sell coconuts but also sugarcanes and a variety of coconut-based desserts like their coconut jelly and special homemade coconut candy. According to Mira Bhai, who is one of the directors of the KhanBhai business, air tuak will also be sold by them in the near future.

 These hardworking coconut traders operate their business from as early as 7:30 am up to 5:30 pm every day and close every fortnight on Mondays. If you are ever looking for refreshing coconut juice to drink in our typical hot Malaysian weather be sure to pay KhanBai visit on Jalan Kompleks Sukan, Ipoh.

Khanbhai Coconut Trading Sdn Bhd Contact Info:

Address: No 631, Jalan Kompleks Sukan,31400, Ipoh, Perak.

Latitude and Longitude: 4.617084, 101.112540

Tel: 0195599595/0165992500/0195599797

Email: khanbhaicoconuttradingsdnbhd@yahoo.com

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