30 Years of Impact: Rotary Club Greentown’s Pearl Jubilee


Rotary Club of Greentown marked its 30th Pearl Anniversary Dinner on February 17, 2024, with an elegant gathering at the  Indulgence restaurant. The Guest of Honor, District Governor Teoh Kwan Swee, and his esteemed spouse, Rotarian Tan Ooi Kim, graced the event, adding to its significance.

With a total of 75 attendees, including Rotarians from 20 clubs across Malaysia and spanning 5 districts worldwide, the celebration was a testament to the global impact of Rotary Club Greentown. Additionally, the presence of 19 former members, who have long supported the club’s initiatives, further enriched the evening.

The night unfolded with the customary grandeur befitting such a prestigious occasion. Guests of all ages enjoyed lively music from the resident band, dancing the night away in celebration.

In his speech, District Governor Teoh Kwan Swee commended the club for its unwavering dedication to Rotary principles, emphasizing the importance of overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities for growth. He expressed confidence in the club’s ability to continue making a positive impact in the community.

Overall, it was a truly memorable evening, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended and reinforcing Rotary Club Greentown’s commitment to service above self.

Source:Rotary Club of Greentown FB

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